Foundational Apologetics

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10 Week Online Course

The Foundational Apologetics course encourages and equips Christians to have natural conversations about their faith and to respond to the tough questions of our day.

This engaging and stimulating 10-week course is delivered online but retains the journeying-in-community element that has been central to OCCA over the last 19 years. Students will have access to filmed lectures and will gather online for weekly live, interactive seminars with their lecturers.

The course is part-time and can be accessed from anywhere in the UK and beyond. You don’t need any prior theological training to participate – the material is designed to be accessible and relevant for anyone who is looking to engage thoughtfully and meaningfully with questions about faith and today’s culture.

Topics include: Critical Thinking, The Existence of God, Science & Religion, Worldviews and Human Value.

Each session also focuses on a tough question, such as ‘Why isn’t God more obvious?’, ‘If Christianity is good, why has it caused so much harm?’, ‘Do science and faith mix? and ‘How can anyone believe in a dead man rising?’ among many others.

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What people are saying

  • I found the content very accessible and relevant. There was also so much depth and wisdom to be gained from engaging with different students' perspectives.

    Ace Philippines
  • The course helped me to expand my thinking and it gave me courage. I've never been so passionate about the truth and wanting to speak the truth.

    Teodora Romania