Meaning: Does my life have purpose?

Is life like a video game where no matter how well you play or what choices you make, it’s always the same end result every time: you die, blank screen, game over? That’s a pretty sad story. It also seems like a meaningless one.

We didn’t ask to be born, but here we are. Breathing, thinking, feeling, desiring. Is this all an accident, or could it be on purpose? Could it be that a human being is actually more than just the sum of its physical parts? More than just meat and bones and chemicals?

Jesus of Nazareth famously said that ‘man cannot live by bread alone’. By this he meant that there is a spiritual dimension to who we are.  Just as our physical hunger points to the existence of that which can satisfy our physical hunger, so too our hunger for meaning, points to the existence of need for something beyond this physical world.