Empowering your teams with knowledge helps to master best practices. Truly agile organisations have built a culture of learning and improvement.

With so many Agile training courses and options, it can be overwhelming for leaders to select the right ones. In this report we want to help you with this decision making and provide insights on the current trends in Agile learning so that you can make effective training decisions to support your Agile transformation.

Based on our in-depth data analysis and experience of working with thousands of learners, we’ve identified three key themes in this report that we believe organisations investing in Agile learning should plan to respond to:

  • Agile adoption trends: How organisations are adopting Agile, and the impact on their business.
  • Demand for learning in Agile: Insights on skills trends, roles’ demand, and their adoption.
  • Modalities of Learning: Understand the different modalities of learning, their trends and how they complement each other.

Begin your Agile learning journey today by downloading the report. It's a valuable resource that can help you maximize your business impact.